Monday, January 13, 2014

Day #13 Maine Farm Scene, 5x7, oil

Initial sketch on toned canvas.

Laying in the mass tones.  

Maine Farm Scene, 5x7, oil

This was my reference photo.  The horizontal bands prevent you from entering into the picture. I opened the bands and added the red barn and the scattering of cows to invite your eye to wander into the distance.  I warmed the foreground and modified all the greens.  Green is a difficult color, adding bits of orange, red and violet seem to help.

This painting is available on my Ebay page.

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  1. another good one,.. how long does it take to do one?

  2. Barb, these are quick studies, not studio work, and quite small 5x7, so I have limited myself to 2 hours. Of course, it took me over 25 years of painting to be able to do these in the 2 hours. They are fun to do and I never stop learning from them. Thanks, glad you are enjoying them. Celene


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