Monday, November 26, 2018

Winter Sunset, 8x10, oil

Winter Sunset, 8x10, oil

This is a studio piece, not plein air.

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Sunday, November 25, 2018

Plein Air with a Guerrilla

I am behind in my blog posts. I don’t know where the time goes, but at our house every week seems to be only three days long.

Last post or so I mentioned that I have a new Guerrilla 6x8 pochade box – my early Christmas present. I've had many odd plein air kits over the years but this one is the best. It’s small, 7x9x3 and weighs only 1½ lbs. It holds everything I need plus two wet 6x8 canvases. There is an adapter for 5x7s and with a little ingenuity, I can use 8x10s and 9x12s. It’s great to take anywhere – especially nice to work in the car now that the weather is cold. I really enjoy painting on small canvases, with 6x8s being my current favorite. 

My Guerrilla 6x8 Pochade Box, loaded and ready to go.

These small plein air paintings were completed in one session. There is an excitement in the process of trying to capture a fleeting moment in time. No time to think - just paint! Because the light will move, shadows and colors will shift and the scene will change right before your eyes. What a challenge and what fun! 

Sitting in our front field trying to catch the late afternoon light shining behind the trees before the sun dipped behind the hills.
Back Light, 6x8, oil

 Sitting in my car at the end of our driveway in the cool November sunshine.
Sunshine Day, 6x8, oil

Now we have snow and it's cold. I painted this afternoon looking out the den window. I will post it later. It's still too wet to handle.

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Friday, November 23, 2018

Cirque of the Unclimbables - my November's Virtual Paint-Out

Our Virtual Paint-Out Group is on vacation again this month, so I decided to choose my own destination for November – The Canadian Northwest Territory.

After exploring this fascinating country, I chose the exceptionally beautiful and remote mountains called “The Cirque of the Unclimbables” in the Nahanni National Park Reserve.

Cirque means a semicircular shaped valley with steep, sheer walls formed in mountainous regions by glaciers during the ice age. Sometimes the base of the mountains is below the level of the valley.

A little info -

In 1955, (yes, that is the correct date) the mountaineer, Arnold Wexler, discovered these immense cliffs in the Logan Mountains. Impressed by their massive, sheer granite walls and jagged peaks, he named them “The Cirque of the Unclimbables”.

These mountains are considered sacred ground and surround a green valley called Fairy Meadows. The Lotus Flower Tower is one of the most famous and dangerous peaks within the Cirque. This steep 2,000 foot cliff has been ranked one of the top 50 climbs in North America.

Despite being nearly twice the size of Texas, the Canadian Northwest Territory is home to only about 42,000 permanent residents. Most of the land is undeveloped forests, mountains and tundra. There are roughly 570 miles of permanent, year-round roads. Float-planes and helicopters are an important means of transportation in this vast remote land.

Cirque of the Unclimbables
Lotus Flower Tower and Fairy Meadows
9x12, oil

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Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Happy Thanksgiving

From my house to yours -

Wishing you all a wonderful Thanksgiving 
full of love, laughter and good food.

Then it will be time to think about Christmas shopping. Every year I say that I'm going to start early, but I never do.

This Thanksgiving weekend I'm having a 25% off sale in my Ebay Store on all my paintings. The sale will go through Monday, encompassing Black Friday, Cyber Monday and whatever they call the days in between.

And so starts the busy season.

Any of my paintings can be purchased directly through me,.
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Thanks for visiting and Happy Thanksgiving to you all.

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Summer Roses, 12x16 oil

After the last few weeks of cold, gray and rainy weather, today is a beautiful day in Maine - 60 degrees, warm and sunny. I'm waiting for the late afternoon sun so I can go out and paint. I have a new Guerrilla Plein Air box that I'm eager to try. It's my early Christmas present!

We're late in receiving our destination for November's Virtual Paint Out because our administrator was busy running for local office. He is now the Mayor of his hometown in Kentucky. Congratulations, Bill Guffey.

I have been adding the finishing touches to two still lifes. They do take a lot of time and a lot of thought. I like to add glazes to enrich the colors and these must be applied to a dry surface. Here is one that I think is finished.

Summer Roses, 12x16 oil

I'm not sure if this painting is going into my Ebay Store or to another gallery. I'll have to think about it.

Now it's time to go outside and paint. Enjoy your day!

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Sunday, October 14, 2018

Hashima Island, Japan - October's Virtual Paint Out

Our VPO administrator decided to choose a creepy, eerie destination this month to celebrate Halloween. He made a good choice!

Hasima Island, Japan

Nine miles off the coast of Nagasaki, Japan, sits the desolate, uninhabited island of Hashima (also called Gunkanjima, or battleship, because of its shape).

This 16 acre island with its massive, encircling sea wall was once a thriving undersea coal mining community. It is now home to decaying concrete buildings, collapsed mine shafts, rusting machinery and discarded items. While the island is a symbol of Japanese industry, it is also a reminder of its dark past.

Coal was discovered on the island around 1810. Mining began, the seawall was constructed and the island enlarged with debris from the mine tunnels.

In 1916 the island's first concrete building was constructed, a seven floor apartment complex to house the growing number of workers and their families. Although the living conditions were harsh, the quarters cramped and austere and the work dangerous, the offer of good wages and free housing attracted many.

Then in the 1930s and throughout WWII the Japanese men were needed elsewhere, so the families returned to the mainland. Miners were replaced by Korean and Chinese conscripted civilians and prisoners of war. They were forced to work under very harsh conditions and brutal treatment under Japanese wartime policies. It is estimated that about 1,300 men died from disease, mining accidents, exhaustion and malnutrition.

After WWII, the Japanese miners and their families returned to the island. More concrete buildings were constructed including large apartment complexes, a school, a hospital and a community center, a cinema, communal baths, a swimming pool, rooftop gardens, shops and a brothel. Sunday excursions to the mainland were available. Conditions were much improved. By 1959 this 16 acre island was home to 5,259 people, making it the most densely populated area in the world.

Coal supplies dwindled and the mines were closed in January 1974. The residents departed, leaving the island totally abandoned - except for rats, feral cats and ghosts.

Interest in the island has resurfaced. Government controlled tourist travel to Hashima began in 2009. Restoration on the ruined buildings has begun but at this time only a very small portion of the island is deemed safe.

Hashima was named a UNESCO World Heritage Historical Site in 2015.

Hashima Island, 9x12, oil

Reference Photo and B&W Underpainting

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Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Day #26 - Amsterdam 9x12, oil

I should know better than to sign up for Leslie's September 30/30 painting challenge. September is a busy month for us. There is the last of the vegetable garden to tend to, flower beds to get ready for winter, houseplants to be repotted and brought in before the first frost. And beautiful fall days to enjoy just being outside.

I should really know better.... but Leslie's 30/30 painting challenges are always so much fun. She offers another one in January. That should be a slower month around here. 

Our Virtual Paint Out group traveled to Amsterdam this month. We were limited to the area within the A10 highway that encircles the city. 
It was a lucky coincidence that this month's destination coincided with the recent PBS TV Masterpiece Theater mini series, "The Miniaturist", a dark story of Amsterdam in the 1600's.  

A little info - 

Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands, is a flat, low-lying city, connected by canals to the North Sea. Areas of the city lie below sea level and some areas are built on land that has been reclaimed from the sea. It covers approximately 85 sq miles and has a population of about 822,000.

The inner city is divided by a network of canals into some 90 “islands” connected by approximately 1,300 bridges and viaducts. It has a temperate climate with moderately warm summers. The cooler months of October through March can be cloudy and damp.

Amsterdam, 9x12, oil

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