Monday, March 27, 2017

March in Maine

March in Maine is like an unruly child. Days of sunny blue skies, warming temperatures and melting snow change overnight to gray skies, cold temperatures and snow squalls. It’s a month of sweet smiles and temper tantrums.

We still have a foot or so of snow on the ground, but bare patches are showing here and there. Deer are seen foraging in the bare ground and the cold nights and warmer days herald the start of our maple syrup season.

The red wing blackbirds (my personal harbingers of spring) have been here since the first week of March, almost three weeks early. Hopefully that means an early spring even though today we had snow and freezing rain again. Our sons now have to travel farther north to grab a few more weekends of snowmobiling.

I did get my studio cleaned and reorganized. March snow storms have added to the snow coming off the roof and onto our back deck. This has prolonged the “igloo effect” in my studio. The dense snow pile blocks the daylight and adds a bluish cast to the darkened room which is surprisingly cozy.  

I’m still working on digitizing our old slides and they are providing some great reference photos. This is a slow trip down memory lane for us. My husband and I first view them to decide which ones to keep. Then I scan the chosen ones onto an SD card, color correct them through Photo Shop, re-size, sort and file.

Our Virtual Paint Out Group went to Ghana, West Africa this month. That was a difficult region to paint but I did find an interesting scene, painted and posted it to the group's site. No matter where he sends us, I enjoy exploring and always submit at least one painting. Our group has certainly covered many miles over the years. Wonder where we are going in April?

There are only four days left in March and I am so looking forward to April. This unruly child has been extra naughty this month and needs a long nap.

Stay warm and well. Thanks for visiting. See you in April!


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Sunday, March 19, 2017

Ghana, W. Africa - March's Virtual Paint Out

Another interesting trip with our Virtual Paint Out Group.

Formerly known as the Gold Coast, Ghana is a small country on the western coast of Africa. With a land area of approx. 92,100 sq mi, slightly smaller than Oregon, it is home to almost 27 million people.

It is a land of grassy savannas, sandy beaches, dense tropical jungles and dry plains. This red soil is very common. Ghana is a major exporter of cocoa, gold and lumber.

Ghana, West Africa, 8x10, oil.

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Sunday, February 26, 2017

Tennessee - February's Virtual Paint Out

This month our Virtual Paint Out destination was the state of Tennessee. We were assigned a small area south of Nashville to Route 840. I chose the rural town of Franklin. This was another opportunity for me to employ my figurative art class into this simple landscape.

Skipping School, Franklin, TN
9x12, oil

February is my quiet month. After a very busy December and January it's great to use this month to catch up on little projects, read and just relax.

One of my not so little projects this month is converting our old slides into digital images. I found a great item on Ebay that scans my slides onto a sd card that I can load into my computer. Then I can sort my slides and correct the images in PhotoShop. This long overdue project is time consuming (I’m only halfway through) but seeing those old images again has been wonderful. And some of these old images will make good painting references.

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Sunday, January 29, 2017

Day #28 of the 2017 30/30 Challenge

Yesterday's painting. Three more days and three more paintings to go. 

I have today's painting laid out and hope to finish it this evening. We're going to have company for supper so after they leave I will go back to my studio. Now I must go back to my kitchen.

Out of the Mist, 6x8, oil.
This is a 6x8 stretched canvas, gallery wrap with a one inch profile. 
The painting continues on the edges so framing isn't necessary.

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