Friday, November 18, 2022

What Colors Are On My Palette?

Answering that frequent question - "What colors do you use?"

I use a double primary palette. Knowing that the three primary colors had to be included, I experimented with various tubed colors until I found the colors that worked for me. A warm and cool version of the three primaries gave me a large range of color mixtures. Over the years I have adjusted my choices but stayed with two versions of the primary colors - red, yellow and blue.

Black and white are included. Black for muting and darkening colors and for making a quick, clean, neutral gray (that always needs a bit of color added). White for lightening colors. Black and white are not colors and should never be used alone. They always need the addition of a bit of color. 

Occasionally, especially with my night scenes I might have to add a bright color for artificial and neon lights. Flower paintings may also require bits of brighter colors. But these colors are infrequent additions and are stored in a separate container.

Be sure to choose the versions of the colors that fit the region where you paint. I live in Maine. Here I see muted colors, deep greens, earth colors, blue-grays - a soft palette. Years ago when we went to Florida for the winter, on my first trip I made the mistake of taking my “Maine” palette of colors. Big mistake. Florida colors are bright and tropical.

So experiment. But remember that you will need the three primary colors - red, yellow and blue - for successful color mixing. What versions you pick will be your personal choice. Keep your color palette simple and you will have better color harmony - and save money, too.

So, to answer the question, “What colors do you use?” Here they are -

Cad Yellow Light and Yellow Ochre Light Red and Alizarin Crimson

Cerulean Blue and Ultramarine Blue Ivory Black and Titanium White.

Happy painting!        


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Sunday, November 13, 2022

A Maine Photo Journey for you.

I've been updating our former gallery website - The Working Art Gallery, which we owned and operated for 15 years in Belfast, Maine. I had created this year long photographic tour of our area as part of the website. 

It, in fact, took me a year to take these pictures - month by month. I was great fun!

As I watched the tour again, I was moved by the beauty of our area. I thought you might like to see our corner of Maine.

Come along and enjoy - Click HERE


Wednesday, November 9, 2022

Gone Home

A quick follow-up on my last post. This painting has now gone to live with the granddaughter of the old couple who lived and raised their family in that wonderful old house. The perfect ending....

Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Remember Me?

 Remember Me? Welcome Home 11x14, oil

There was something about this old house....

Located on a country road between my home and Belfast, I would drive by this wonderful old house every day on my way to the gallery. This old house, full of old stories and memories, with its stately manner and bay windows, always made me think that it belonged on an island overlooking the sea instead of on the “flats” overlooking quiet fields and woods. Driving by in the evening, its welcoming light told me that I was almost home.

I stopped one night to snap a picture knowing that I had to paint it. The old house is gone now, replaced by a modern home and the road has lost some of its charm.  

This painting hangs in my living room, and its light says “Remember Me? Welcome Home”.  

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Friday, August 12, 2022

Back Street, 5x7 oil


Another nocturne from my studio.

Back Street, 5x7 oil

This painting is now available in my Ebay Store or directly through me.

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Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Uptown Saturday Night, 5x7 oil

Another new painting in my rainy night series. 

Uptown Saturday Night 5x7, oil, sold

This painting was available in my Ebay Store.

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Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Cityscape and a Focal Point

In my last post I shared the beginning stage of my latest nocturne cityscape. Above is my finished painting maintaining my established structure or framework but allowing my story to evolve as I paint.

Bright City Lights, 8x10 WIP

Throughout the painting process it's crucial to keep in mind that only the subject of the painting (or focal point) will be in sharp focus. The remainder of the objects in the scene will be seen in our peripheral vision. This is how our eye actually views a scene. Only the object we are looking at will be in focus. The remainder of the scene is slightly out of focus, becoming more blurred as objects move farther away from the focal area. (You can prove this to yourself by looking at one object and without moving your eye, using your peripheral vision, check out the areas around your chosen object).

Forgetting the importance of the focal point and not painting the scene as the eye would naturally see it is a problem very often seen in student paintings. Everything is in sharp focus. The eye doesn't know what to focus on and the whole painting looks unnatural - often uncomfortable to view. Remember - one focal point per painting! 

Foregrounds are very often misrepresented. They are the areas closest to you and if you are looking straight ahead to your focal point - the foreground is definitely not in focus! 

An interesting painting gives us a lot to see. The eye wanders around exploring the scene but is always drawn back to the focal point. And leave your painting a bit unfinished. Don't tell the whole story. This bit of mystery allows your viewer to become a partner in the painting's story. 

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