Friday, November 13, 2015

The Emotion of Color

I found an interesting article about color and thought I would share my notes with you.

Yellow – Airy, unsubstantial. The color of sunshine. Happy, joyful and warm, yet slightly disturbing if too intense. Often used on caution signs. Taste - sour, acidic.

Ochers and umbers
, the darker, duller yellows. Warm, rich, calming, comforting and grounding. The subdued browns of mother earth and nature. The richness of gold and honey. Taste - sweet.

Orange – A happy, luscious, stimulating color, exciting, very warm. Too much can be overstimulating. The color of fire, heat, warning signs. Taste - pleasantly lively and sharp.

Siennas, the darker, duller oranges. Earthier, solid, comforting and rich, but still having a feeling of heat. Taste - sweet, pungent, spicy.

Red – Bold, exciting, intense and forceful. The sign of danger, blood, anger and stop signs. Also the color of sex and romance. Taste - pleasantly rich and sweet.

Advertisers use the colors above to stimulate our senses, especially in the food industry.

Purple – A moody color. The color of mourning, stormy skies and royalty. Somber, aloof, yet richly beautiful. Taste - rich, semi sweet, cloying.

– Calm strength, dignity, honor, truthfulness. Solid and dependable. Uplifting. Often used by banks, the military and law enforcement. Taste - cool, clean and sharp.

– Comforting, nurturing, healing, nature's growth. Safe and grounding. The color of grass and money. Often seen in banks, hospitals, libraries and schools. Taste - clean, pleasant but slightly bitter.

Gray – A variable color. Mysterious, somber, dignified, quiet, cold. Can be gentle - fog, mist, rain. Or strong and solid - granite, marble. Taste - cold and damp.

- Purity, cool, elegant, clean, sanitary. The color of wedding gowns, religious garments, medical uniforms, snow, ice. Taste - cold, clean, refreshing.

Black - Somber, mysterious, dangerous, dignified, sophisticated, powerful. Death and mourning. Funeral attire, tuxedos and formal wear, judicial robes. Film-noir. Taste - unpleasant.

It's interesting to note how these colors and their variations are used by advertisers in designing their logos. And interesting to study our emotional and physical response to colors. Enjoy.

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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Friday, November 6, 2015

November's Virtual Paint Out - Istanbul

This month our Virtual Paint Out Group traveled to Istanbul.

Me and My Shadow, Istanbul, 9x12, oil

Busy reference photo

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