Thursday, April 25, 2019

Catching Up

I see my last post was Feb. 25th and I was complaining about the abundance of gray weather we had. Well, it's still gray and gloomy here, though we had a bit of sunshine today after a week of rain and more rain coming tomorrow. Good hibernation weather! But at least the snow and ice are gone and after our usual spring mud season is over, it will soon be time to venture outside for some "plein air" work. It's still too chilly to work outside now.

I have been busy with paintings for my daughter-in-law's shop. She reopens for the season this Saturday the 27th and I finally have everything framed and ready to go. Check her out at  She is also on Facebook and has been posting pictures of this season's new offerings. Take a look here Facebook. It's a great shop, located in Searsmont, Maine.

I have used this hibernation time to study and experiment. The more I explore the fascinating study of oil painting, color and theory, the more I understand. I think you could study forever. And choosing which artists to study is another challenge. Some books and videos, including those videos on Youtube are very good, some are very bad. It's been interesting sorting through them and I now have narrowed it down to a small list of artists that I admire.

i haven't updated my website in awhile. I suppose that will be my next project. My Ebay Store has been very busy and takes quite a bit of my time. We have two sites - one is my Ebay Store for my paintings, the other is a smaller site for listing "stuff". We have accumulated so much "stuff" and the years dealing with antiques just added to our stash. But this is time well spent and sales are good.

Back to work now, hope all is well at your house. I'll be posting some of my new paintings soon. Thanks for visiting with me. Stay warm and well.


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