Friday, January 3, 2014

Day #3 Dancing Elephant, 5x7, oil - Step by Step

 I thought, on this very cold and dreary day, that my goal would be to have fun and paint one of my favorite figurines and share my painting procedure with you. So here goes. This is my very simple set-up.

My initial drawing and testing of the color for the elephant.

The elephant is now painted and I am placing the leaves in a random pattern. You can see from the set-up that I didn't copy the exact placement of the leaves and flowers.  They are for reference only.

I'm working on the flowers and leaves, the background is in.  The choice of a background color is always a problem.  Sometimes after a painting is finished, I will decide that I don't like the background color and will then change it.  Since I'm not allowing myself to make changes in this series, it will have to stay this cool grey.

The finished painting.  Dancing Elephant, 5x7, oil.

This painting is available on my Ebay page.

Thank you for visiting,   Celene

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