Monday, January 20, 2014

Day #20 Bird Watchers, 7x5, oil

Reference Photo.
I seem to be in a dog mood this week.  This is a photo of mother and daughter English Setters that we raised years ago.  They would sit together on an old platform rocker in our kitchen and watch the birds for hours.  The two dogs were inseparable.

My drawing and placement on an orange toned canvas.  I never work from a tight drawing.  I would rather correct shapes by moving the paint around.

Starting with the darks and massing in the negative shapes.

Finding my way.

Dogs need work.  One is too tall, the other too short. 

Bird Watchers, 7x5. oil

It was hard to drag the lace curtains over wet paint.  It would have been easier to wait until the painting was dry.  Also the dark areas would look richer if allowed to dry and then glazed.  I will do that, as I really like this little painting.

I am learning a lot from this challenge.  Allowing myself only two hours per painting has sharpened my focus.  My painting technique is more streamlined and I know that each stroke has to be as correct as possible because I don't have the time to go back and correct.  I am pleased with all that I have learned and look forward to these last ten days.

This painting is sold.

Thank you for visiting with me today.

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