Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Bees, Hornets and Plein Air Painting

I posted this a few years ago but it's worth reading again. Works with deer fly and mosquito bites too.

When painting outside, bees and hornets are often attracted to your wet oil paint with painful results. If you get stung, relief is right at hand. I thought I would share this amazing old-time remedy with you.

Yesterday I was stung by a small hornet while painting outside. Ouch! I immediately found some plantain leaves, crushed them between my fingers and applied them as a poultice to the sting. In less than five minutes the burning pain was completely gone. Today there is only a small red area to remind me - no itching or tenderness.


Plantain leaves are easy to find in lawns, fields and along the sides of the road. This humble weed seems to grow everywhere, at least here in the north. The crushed leaves produce a liquid that is good for all insect bites, poison ivy and other skin rashes, minor burns and abrasions. You can also use it in combination with olive oil to make a healing lotion.

Wishing you many happy painting adventures.


Monday, July 8, 2019

Tom's Place, 5x7. Plein Air Oil

This building is the back of our neighbor's old barn. I see it from my kitchen window when I work at the sink and never tire of looking across the field and watching it change with the seasons and the time of day. The rain has stopped and everything is green and lush. Tom is a good neighbor. A quiet man, tall and lanky, with grey hair and a beard, who keeps to himself but will be one of the first to help when needed. We might not see him for months. Then one day he'll appear at the door with a bag of fresh lobsters or a stack of books. A few words of greeting and then he is gone again.

Tom's Place, 5x7, oil

This painting was done "plein air" on a beautiful summer's day. The fields haven't been mowed  and the grass is tall and lush. Soon another neighbor will be up with his tractor, mowing and baling the hay for his cows. 

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Monday, July 1, 2019

Twilight Magic, 8x10, oil

Here is the second wild painting done in June. It was fun to push the color. 

Sometimes our sunsets are so stunning they take your breath away. But that wild coloration only lasts for a few minutes. Blink and the colors have faded back to normal.

Twilight Magic, 8x10, oil

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