Thursday, January 2, 2014

Day #2 The Piano Lesson, 5x7, oil

The Piano Lesson 5x7, oil, NFS
Reference Scene
Goal - To paint a figure from life within a limited time frame. 

Thoughts – This painting was not done from a photograph.  I had a chance to paint my granddaughter playing the piano in my studio.  This painting was surprisingly easy.  I did a quick sketch and immediately began painting her before she decided to leave.  I checked my angles carefully, then applied paint, piece by piece, and didn’t fiddle.  I think that because I painted this quickly and deliberately, I didn't have time to “over-think” my strokes.  I was totally focused and the painting almost painted itself.  Of the two paintings I have completed so far, I enjoyed this one the most.  I found that my emotional connection to the subject made the process easier and more successful.  This will be an interesting concept to explore in future paintings.  As I am only allowing two hours or less for these paintings, I think of them as artist studies and not finished studio work.  I could then use this study as a reference for a larger, more finished piece.

This painting is not for sale.  Thank you for visiting.


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