Sunday, January 5, 2014

Day #5 Show Time, Belted Galloway 5x7, oil

Reference photo and initial sketch.

Massing in the cow.  I always start at the focal point and work out from there.  This helps me judge the surrounding areas so they won't compete with my main subject.  I made sure to add the reflected light hitting the underside of the cow.

Simplifying the background and correcting shapes.

Show Time, 5x7, oil
I had a request to paint a black and white cow.  These are Belted Galloways from the Aldermere Farm in Rockport, Maine.  I enjoyed this painting and I thank you for the suggestion. I simplified the background to give the cow and the girl more importance.  I also straightened the cow's tail.  The curl just didn't work for me.

Digital reproductions on web pages do not accurately reflect the true colors and quality of the paintings.

This painting is sold.

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