Sunday, November 16, 2014

Using My Kindle in the Studio.

I have been sorting through my reference photos stored on my computer and transferring them to folders in my Kindle. I can then use the Kindle image in my studio. This eliminates printing the photo and the annoying problem of color shifting by my printer. 

Reference photos from our trip to Acadia National Park.

My Kindle is clamped to my easel and I have begun the block-in. I am working with a limited palette of the three primaries - yellow, red, blue - plus white and burnt sienna. I have experimented a lot this summer with different color palettes and gamut masking. I do enjoy the color harmony of limited palettes.

The basic block-in is complete. The rock structure is established, but needs simplification.  I want the energy of the water to be dominant. The painting is left to dry overnight.

Acadia Surf, 9x12, oil.

This painting has a new home in Pennsylvania.

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