Sunday, February 26, 2017

Tennessee - February's Virtual Paint Out

This month our Virtual Paint Out destination was the state of Tennessee. We were assigned a small area south of Nashville to Route 840. I chose the rural town of Franklin. This was another opportunity for me to employ my figurative art class into this simple landscape.

Skipping School, Franklin, TN
9x12, oil

February is my quiet month. After a very busy December and January it's great to use this month to catch up on little projects, read and just relax.

One of my not so little projects this month is converting our old slides into digital images. I found a great item on Ebay that scans my slides onto a sd card that I can load into my computer. Then I can sort my slides and correct the images in PhotoShop. This long overdue project is time consuming (I’m only halfway through) but seeing those old images again has been wonderful. And some of these old images will make good painting references.

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