About the Artist

Artist Statement   

“I am a representational artist working in oils. I am drawn to still life paintings that mirror the Chiaroscuro effects of strong lights and darks, deep rich colors, simple arrangements and an old-world feeling.

In my landscape paintings I try to capture the quiet beauty that I see all around me. Living in rural Maine, a few miles from the sea and the mountains I am surrounded by nature’s gifts.

I work both in my studio and outside “en plein air”. Studio work allows a slow, studied approach and to me, it’s like listening to quiet, deeply moving music. 

But in my plein air work, time is of the essence. Changing light and weather conditions require quick decisions, accurate color interpretations and lively brushwork to attempt to capture the light and mood of a special moment in time.

Whichever method or subject matter I choose, I hope that my paintings are expressive and full of emotion, reflecting the quiet beauty I see all around me.

I am extremely pleased to be chosen as one of the top artists in Waldo County, Maine, by both The Republican Journal’s and The Citizen's “Best of the Best” People’s Choice Awards. It is an honor I will always treasure. I sincerely thank all those who made this possible.

And I wish to thank all my students for helping me to grow as an artist. We all worked very hard and my reward was seeing them reach a new and deeper understanding about the theory of painting. And in teaching, I continued to learn. It was a great partnership. Thank you.”


In January 1999, Celene and two other Maine artists established The Working Art Gallery in Belfast, Maine. The name was chosen because the three artists maintained their studios at the gallery.  Visitors were encouraged to watch and ask questions. Celene served as manager as well as a participating artist and taught art classes and workshops at the gallery.

When the local newspaper began its “Best of the Best” People’s Choice Awards Competition in 2007, the gallery was voted the top art gallery in Waldo County, Maine. When the Artist Category was added to the competition the following year, Celene was voted the top artist for 2008 and again in 2010. 

The gallery retired in 2013 and Celene is enjoying more time for painting. Her work may be seen in local galleries, on her website and in her Ebay Store.

Celene has been voted one of the best artists in Waldo County, Maine, by both The Republican Journal’s and The Citizen’s “Best of the Best” People’s Choice Awards.

Her landscapes are influenced by her love of Maine, it’s mountains, the sea, her quiet rural life and the people around her.

The old world influence of the Chiaroscuro style of painting can be seen in her still life – strong lights, dark shadows and saturated colors, especially in her paintings with copper and transparent glass.

She is also an avid plein air painter and a member of The Plein Air Painters of Maine.

A retired health care professional, she grew up in a small town in Connecticut. The surrounding farms and rolling hills instilled in her a love of nature and an appreciation of simpler times. A Maine resident for more than 45 years, Celene and her husband reside on their farm in Morrill, Maine and today she’s still painting, teaching and exhibiting.

Her quiet life is reflected in her paintings.