Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Day #14 The Blue Bird, 9x12, oil. Week #1

Today my art class resumed after the long holiday break.  This is the original set-up that my student and I were working on. We painted together so I could demonstrate key points to him.

My tonal under painting.
My student hard at work.

I had so much fun painting the marbles that I decided to replace the spool of thread on the Shaker box with a glass blue bird. I love the translucent quality and the way the light dances through colored glass. You can see where I wiped out the spool and indicated the little bird.

This is our new set-up.  My student chose to leave the spool of thread on his box. This is what makes painting so exciting. Once you have your painting underway, the painting becomes more important than the actual set-up.  I have covered this topic a few times in my previous posts. The painting takes on a life of its own and if you listen carefully, it will lead you to a more successful painting.

The Blue Bird, 9x12. oil, unfinished.

This painting isn't finished. I have a good start and will give the painting a day or so to dry. I will then add more color to the boxes with glazes, excite the background a bit more and add more color and contrast where needed. The table cloth also needs more attention. Oil paints are not as substantial as some may think. Colors sink in and often look weak with just one layer of paint. This painting may take another week or two of work before it is finished. I will post the finished painting. We had a great day today.

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