Sunday, January 26, 2014

Our New Puppy

This is Ginger.  She is a Golden Retriever, 8 weeks old.  We brought her home on Saturday.

She loves the fringe on the carpets.

And the magazine basket.

And that cold white stuff.

Playing is hard work.  Time for a nap.

Ginger shares our Sophie's lineage.  In fact, we met Sophie's sister.  She has been retired for a long time and is the senior dog at the kennel, keeping an eye on the other dogs and their pups. She has Sophie's sweet personality.

Ginger is a darling and has made herself at home in our house and hearts.  It is so good to have a dog in the house again.  She is a busy little girl. 

I think my painting time will be limited for the next few weeks.  I hope to have some class work to share with you later this week.

Thanks for visiting.

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