Sunday, April 26, 2015

Computer Issues

As much as I enjoy my computer, it is really taking up too much of my time. My current website software (Microsoft Front Page) is now obsolete and is being eliminated from many servers and I can no longer access my websites to make changes or updates. Luckily my son and daughter-in-law (Maine Web Creations) live near by and will help me set up Word Press and teach me how to work with it. But this means building three new websites, mine, the gallery's and a friend's. This weekend I am copying all the files and pictures to my computer and hopefully next week when the grandkids are back to school we will begin. So, I have sent out the following newsletter. My newsletter was really a duplication of my blog. Now one less thing to think about.

May Newsletter - Changes
In an effort to reduce my computer time, I will be phasing out my Newsletter in favor of my Blog.

I enjoy writing in my blog and find it an easier format to work with. I hope you will join me. You can sign up to automatically receive my new blog posts in your email. Click here to sign up. You can opt out at any time but I hope you will enjoy these visits to my studio.

On my blog I share my latest paintings, some with step by step illustrations, answer questions and hope to provide interesting information gathered from my years of painting and teaching. Topics have included painting gear, color mixing, compositional problems, painting theory and more. There is always something interesting to explore in art.

I have always enjoyed teaching and look on my blog as a way to meet and connect with other artists and students. I enjoy reading other artist’s blogs and share new information and viewpoints with my readers. Your comments and questions are always welcomed and that leads to more interesting discussions.

Here are two ongoing events that I share –

Leslie Saeta’s 30/30 Challenges. Offered twice a year, the concept is to paint thirty paintings in thirty days, (you can paint as many or as few as you like, there are no rules except to have fun). You are invited to share your paintings on her website.

The Virtual Paint Out.
Traveling with a group of artists from all over the world, via our computer, to a new designated location each month, we use Google Street Maps to “walk around” looking for a good spot to set up our gear and paint. You can share your finished paintings to the website and see all the paintings by this group of virtual friends.

Membership in these groups is easy and free. No commitments – just sign up and have fun. This is a fun way to meet other artists and see their work or you can just paint and not share.

I do enjoy writing in my Blog, sharing information and staying connected with my artist friends and family. I hope you will join me. My blog address is

If you wish to automatically receive my new blog posts in your email you may click here to sign up.

Thanks for visiting. I look forward to your comments and questions. Happy painting.

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