Thursday, September 25, 2014

Playing Hooky

September has been a very busy month at our house. We had the sale of our gallery building on the 3rd and the last of the accounting and legal work. Tony is hurrying to finish the outside chores before the colder weather arrives and I am harvesting and canning the last of the garden vegetables.  My painting time is limited and I haven't completed as many paintings as I hoped for the 30/30 challenge. But I'm not giving in yet. Today is zucchini relish day, tomorrow is pickled beets - then I should be done with canning.

Yesterday was so beautiful we decided to skip work and run away for the day.  We drove up the coast to one of my favorite places - Stonington and Deer Isle.  I took lots of pictures - great inspiration for paintings.  I'll share a bit of our day with you.

Deer Isle - Stonington Bridge 

Tony & Ginger

A future painting.

Picked up sandwiches in Stonington.  Parked here for lunch.

Leaving Stonington.

Cape Rosier still has dirt roads.

A cobalt blue day.


Thanks for visiting.  Time to start the zucchini relish.


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