Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Day #2 - September 30/30 Challenge, High Tide

High Tide, 5x7, oil SOLD
This is my second painting using a color gamut mask.  I am really enjoying this new (for me) concept.  I choose from a selection of triangular masks and apply the chosen mask to my color wheel.  The three points on the triangle indicate the chroma of each of my new, modified primary colors.  I mix all my colors from these modified primaries, eliminating all the other colors.  This is basically working with three primaries with a bit of a twist.  All the color mixtures within the margins of the triangle can be mixed with these three colors. All colors outside of the margins are eliminated.

I can alter the color scheme by shifting the triangular mask over the color wheel giving me many possibilities. I have stayed in the safer ranges, but will try to be a bit more daring as I continue.

If you want to read more about gamut masking, check James Gurney's Blog and his book, "Color and Light".  I find this to be very interesting.  More to come.....

This painting is sold.

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  1. NIcely done, Celene! Keep up the good work! Day 2 is over!


  2. Thank you, Bob. Are you doing the Challenge?


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