Monday, August 11, 2014

My Mini Pochade Box

I have really enjoyed using my small plein air painting kit (shown below and described in a previous blog post) but sometimes wished that I had an even smaller kit to take with me.

My original small pochade box (Click here to read previous post.).

So I bought a small plastic pencil box, measuring 5x8x2.5.

My dollar pencil box.

My new mini pochade box.

The box was just the right size for two 5x7 panels. I taped wax paper on the bottom for easy clean-up and adjusted the consistency of the paint with medium when I added it to the box. A small packet of handi wipes goes in my pocket.  


I brace the canvas with my thumb while painting, using the lid as my easel.

The box is deep enough to securely hold two wet 5x7's placed back to back and on an angle. The paint brushes can either be placed at the bottom edge of the canvas or in the box, wrapped in a bit of the handi wipes.

A perfect fit.

It closes up, nice and neat.


I added a note to myself to check the paint before I go.

There is a good selection of inexpensive plastic boxes available to make up a kit to suit the size canvas you prefer. It's fun to just grab the box and go without having to carry all our usual plein air gear.

Thank you for visiting. Enjoy.


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