Tuesday, June 17, 2014

My Homemade Plein Air Kit

If you've ever wished that you had a small painting kit that you could just grab and take with you, this might interest you.  I wanted a small kit that I could take with me when I drove into town to run errands, etc.  I can even paint sitting in my car if I see something that catches my attention. When my painting is finished I close the lid and everything is contained - safe and tidy.

This 8x12 plastic box was just the perfect size to hold everything I needed.
  • Paint brushes with the handles shortened.
  • An empty Liquin bottle is just the right shape for turps and seals well.
  • A small plastic box holds my five colors of paint.
  • A plastic lid stored in a freezer bag serves as my palette.
  • A packet of tissues and a zip top bag with a few Handi-wipes for cleanup.
  • Three 5x7 canvas panels.
  • Plastic clips and a small plastic knife for scraping.
  • Another small freezer bag for trash.

A clip holds my canvas to the lid as I paint.  

Another clip keeps the wet canvases separate.

When I get home I give the kit a cleaning and restock my supplies but I don't add fresh paint until needed.  I wrote myself a note on the cover to remind me to add the paint.

My kit stores neatly in a small canvas tote.  Just give me two minutes to refill the paint and I am ready to go.

You can easily modify this kit to fit larger canvases - just get a bigger box.  Happy painting.

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