Saturday, December 21, 2013

Organizing the Old Fashioned Way

I have been frustrated with all the time I spend on the computer keeping records of my finished paintings.  My inventory of paintings was kept on Excel spreadsheets and updating the information was a chore.  Last night I printed out all my Excel spreadsheets and, while watching television, I transferred all that information onto old-fashioned index cards.  One card for each painting, listing title, size, inventory number and price, leaving the rest of the card for present location and comments.  Now I can update the information quickly without going to the computer.  Cards listing sold paintings are filed in a separate section.  If available, the customer’s information is added to the card along with any personal comments.  This gives me quick access to my customer list. 

I've always kept a physical logbook of my paintings.  Each finished painting is entered, with title and size and given an inventory number that includes the date.  This book has always worked well and so should my new index card system.  The convenience of instant access without going to the computer will save me time and aggravation.  How do you handle your inventory records?  Your comments and questions are always welcome.

The next problem to solve will be working with all the digital photographs I take and the hours needed to crop, re-size and file.  Any suggestions?

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