Sunday, November 25, 2018

Plein Air with a Guerrilla

I am behind in my blog posts. I don’t know where the time goes, but at our house every week seems to be only three days long.

Last post or so I mentioned that I have a new Guerrilla 6x8 pochade box – my early Christmas present. I've had many odd plein air kits over the years but this one is the best. It’s small, 7x9x3 and weighs only 1½ lbs. It holds everything I need plus two wet 6x8 canvases. There is an adapter for 5x7s and with a little ingenuity, I can use 8x10s and 9x12s. It’s great to take anywhere – especially nice to work in the car now that the weather is cold. I really enjoy painting on small canvases, with 6x8s being my current favorite. 

My Guerrilla 6x8 Pochade Box, loaded and ready to go.

These small plein air paintings were completed in one session. There is an excitement in the process of trying to capture a fleeting moment in time. No time to think - just paint! Because the light will move, shadows and colors will shift and the scene will change right before your eyes. What a challenge and what fun! 

Sitting in our front field trying to catch the late afternoon light shining behind the trees before the sun dipped behind the hills.
Back Light, 6x8, oil

 Sitting in my car at the end of our driveway in the cool November sunshine.
Sunshine Day, 6x8, oil

Now we have snow and it's cold. I painted this afternoon looking out the den window. I will post it later. It's still too wet to handle.

These paintings are available in my Ebay Store - small paintings.

Any of my paintings can be purchased directly through me. Please contact me for more information.

Stay well and warm. Thanks for visiting with me.

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