Wednesday, July 12, 2017

More Lilacs

My previous two lilac paintings have gone to new homes. One painting to the new bride and groom and the second painting to New Jersey through my Ebay Store. I really enjoyed painting lilacs. Maybe it was working with purples.

So this week I did two more. I finished them today and listed them in my Ebay Store. The first one sold within a half hour and when it is dried and varnished it will live in Alaska.

Lilacs, 9x12, oil. SOLD

Lilacs and Clementines, 9x12, oil

Purples are fun to work with as long as you remember to add a bit of umber in the shadows to help control the intensity. 

Our Virtual Paint Out Group is visiting Malta this month. Maybe tomorrow I'll start on that painting.... or maybe I'll paint lilacs again.

I hope you are doing what makes your heart happy. For me, it's painting.

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