Monday, July 3, 2017

Mock Orange - Painting Steps

 Our Mock Orange bush was so beautiful this year. How could I not try to paint it?

For Liz, one of my previous students, who wrote, "Please help. I haven't painted in a long while and I can't remember how we started a still life....."

Reference Set-Up
Set up a shadow box with strong light and dark patterns. The reference set-up is just that - reference. Now you need to make the painting your own.

The initial lay-in. 

Make sure that your subject fits nicely on the canvas. Note the gray toned canvas.

The mass tones.
Working in the middle values and basic colors, keep all edges softWork carefully and deliberately. Be sure you are pleased before you continue to the next step. Make any corrections now.

The modeling stage.
This takes the longest. Don't rush through it.  Work your shapes, colors and values. Work your edges and background. Finalize the foreground. When you are pleased, put it aside to dry.

The finishing stage.
Mock Orange Blossoms, 11x14, oil

Add the final highlights and accents. Respect what you have already done. This is not the time for major corrections. Then put it aside to dry. Look at it again in a few days, add bits and pieces if needed. Done.

There you are, Liz. Hope this helps. The main thing is to work deliberately and correctly each step of the way. Don't worry about copying the reference exactly as it is - make this your painting. Happy painting. Send me a picture when you are finished.

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Happy painting, everyone. And Happy 4th of July!
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