Thursday, January 12, 2017

Day 12 - Evaluation

Day #12 of the 2017 30/30 Challenge

We are almost halfway through the 30/30 Challenge. This morning I evaluated all my completed paintings for this series and added the final touches.

My preferred method of painting has three main steps – the underpainting, the painting itself and the final touches. Even though the paintings in this series are small, usually 5x7 or 6x8, they still require the same procedure with drying time between the steps. And, of course, the larger the canvas the more involved and time consuming the steps become. The final touches are the most fun – enriching the darks, brightening the lights and increasing the color intensity – all the little bits that add excitement. 

I enjoy this 30/30 challenge because it forces me to revisit my stash of reference photos. Not all photos are compositionally correct, in fact most are not, so this gives me the opportunity to experiment and see if the photo would work in a larger painting.

This afternoon I worked on the painting for our Virtual Paint-Out trip to Puerto Rico. I had already scouted out the island via my computer and Google Street Views, downloaded a few scenes to my Kindle and laid in my 8x10 underpainting. 

There is no painting to see today even though I worked in my studio for most of the day. I was going to post a WIP (work in progress) but didn’t. I don’t like to post something that isn’t finished. Hopefully tomorrow I can work on Puerto Rico and post it for Day #13.

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