Saturday, October 1, 2016

September 30/30 Challenge. Day 30

Welcome to October, one of the nicest months of the year.

This is my last painting for the September 30/30 Challenge. I knew it wasn't possible for me to complete 30 paintings in 30 days because my painting process requires at least 2-3 sessions per painting. But it was still fun to be a part of Leslie's group and I'm looking forward to her next challenge in January.

Secret Cove, 6x12, oil

This is a 6x12 stretched canvas, gallery wrap with a one inch profile.
The painting continues on the edges so framing isn't necessary.

I am very pleased to learn that our Virtual Paint Out Group is traveling to Newfoundland for October. I visited Newfoundland many years ago and it remains one of my favorite memories.

Tony, Ginger and I will be going to camp soon. I look forward to sitting by the fire and listening to the loons on the lake and the distant train whistle of the Canadian Pacific as it echos off the mountain. No radio, TV or internet connection - just my two favorite people and my paint set and lots of books. A nice respite from a busy summer.

Thanks for visiting with me. This painting will be available in my Ebay Store in a few days.


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