Monday, October 31, 2016

Last Days of Summer

Since tonight is Halloween and the last day of October, I guess that I have to accept the fact that another summer is over. We had an exceptionally dry summer and we all thought that the fall colors would be dry and dusty looking. But what a surprise! The colors were spectacular this year.

Trying to capture all that color on canvas is daunting. I did a few paintings "en plein air" but mostly took lots of photographs. As much as I enjoy painting outside, I would rather work in my studio as my style of painting is more controlled and disciplined and needs a few sessions to complete.

But once in awhile I will be successful "en plein air". This view from our outdoor table is one of my favorites and I have painted it many times. I just had to paint it again.

Autumn Garden, 8x6, oil SOLD

This is a 6x8 stretched canvas, gallery wrap with a one inch profile. 

The painting continues on the edges so framing isn't necessary.

This painting was available in my Ebay Store - Small Paintings.

Thanks for visiting. Hope you had a fun Halloween with lots of little visitors. Such a fun time! And now we get to eat the rest of the candy!


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