Saturday, September 17, 2016

Sept. 30/30 Challenge. Day 17

Today was a great day in my studio - cool, sunny and the windows wide open. I painted while Rod Stewart and Johnny Mathis sang and then Peter Nero played the piano for me. The house was quiet as Tony and Ginger were at camp for the day, so no cooking. 

I took a long walk in the afternoon and then checked our vegetable garden. I found that last night the deer ate all the leaves from the squash and pumpkin plants and nibbled on the vegetables so I picked up what was left. We always plant enough to share, but sometimes the deer get greedy. I should have done a bit of housework after that, but instead I went back to my studio to start another painting. Why spoil a good day!

Maine Coast, 6x8, oil
I'm working with 6x8 stretched canvas, gallery wrap with a 1" profile. 
The painting continues on all the edges. No frames needed.

This painting will be available in my Ebay Store - 30/30 Paintings.

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  1. Such a beautiful painting! My deer get greedy too. I bought a new rose plant this summer with 7 buds ready to burst forth... the next day I discovered that the deer had eaten all of them, and it hasn't bloomed since. Then they went after my new grape vines... At least they can't get a hold of our paintings. ;)

  2. Thank you. Deer are beautiful creatures but they can be a nuisance.


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