Wednesday, August 31, 2016

The September 2016 30/30 Challenge Begins

Tomorrow is the start of Leslie Saeta’s 30/30 Challenge. Thirty paintings in 30 days is a challenge. Even though I work small for this event, 5x7 and 6x8, I find that I still need two days to successfully finish a painting. One day to lay in the colors and a 2nd day to do the finishing layer. That bit of drying time between layers is important. Besides ensuring cleaner, brighter color, it also gives me a bit of a break to re-evaluate what I have done.

My plan will be to work on two paintings a day – the start of one and the finish of another. Painting every day is an impossible goal, so I will just paint when I can and enjoy the process. And I can’t forget the photographing and posting each evening. That takes as much time as the painting.

When I complete a painting, I will post it to my blog and to Leslie’s website that evening, but I’m going to condense the rest of the postings by listing all my completed paintings to my Ebay Store, my Pinterest and my website at the end of the week. I’ve been lucky with my Ebay Store. Of all the 30/30 Challenge paintings I have done in the past two years, only three are left.

I hope you will enjoy my challenge – or better yet – sign up and join us. You can do this at any time, as the only rule Leslie has is “To have fun.” You can paint as many or as few as you wish. No limits, no rules, no commitments. Then you join the other artists by posting your paintings to her website. It’s a fun way to meet other artists and see what they are doing. Come join us! 

Happy painting,


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