Monday, March 28, 2016

March's Virtual Paint Out - New South Wales, Australia

This month our painting group traveled (via our computers and Google Street Maps) to New South Wales, located near the south-east corner of Australia. It's a diverse region of rugged mountains, arid outbacks with opal and silver mines, rainforests, fertile valleys known for vineyards, wineries, vast sheep and cattle ranches, and a beautiful coastline of long, sandy beaches. Temperatures extremes have been recorded as low as minus 10 degrees in the winter mountains to a sizzling 120 degrees in the summer inland arid regions. Discovered by Capt. Cook in 1770, it was colonized in 1788. Covering an area of 312,528 square miles, the current population is approx. 7½ million.

Sheep Farm
New South Wales, Australia, 9x12, oil

Cape Byron Beach
New South Wales, Australia 9x12, oil

I do enjoy these virtual painting trips and spend quite a few hours touring the countryside and reading a bit of the history, all from the comfort of my studio. Many thanks to artist, Bill Guffy, our travel manager, for all the hours he must spend coordinating and maintaining the Virtual Paint Out website. Thanks, Bill, I'm looking forward to next month's destination.

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