Saturday, February 6, 2016

Jan 2016 30/30 Challenge Collage

My January 30/30 Challenge is over with 15 paintings completed. January was a busy month at our house, thankfully in a good way. Also I combined the Virtual Paint-Out Trip to Scotland with the 30/30 Challenge. The scenes that I chose to paint required more time and that is one of my excuses. I am pleased that most of these little paintings are sold. The remaining few are listed in my Ebay Store.

January 30/30 Challenge Paintings

Time is always a problem. A friend told me of one great time saver, especially for us country folks – shopping Walmart on-line. Shipping is free if you spend $50 or more. I’m sure there are other retailers with the same offer, but Walmart works for me. Since we are almost 40 miles from the nearest Walmart, a shopping excursion can use up the better part of a day, not to mention the hassle and long lines. Since I dread shopping, it is a joy to have someone else do it for me and the FedEx man deliver it to my door. Our nearest town is Belfast, about 10 miles away, with only one grocery store and limited general merchandise stores. Fortunately we have a great convenience store in our little town, just two miles away. We would be lost without Bruce.

We had a snowstorm yesterday that left us about ten inches of new snow. I’m sitting in my studio with my laptop watching the large pine trees in our back yard gently swaying and dropping clusters of snow. The backfields are shining in the bright sunshine and patches of snow show on the mountains beyond. Other than the birds at the feeder, there isn’t a sound to be heard anywhere. My husband has cleared the driveway and dooryard and is now working on his canoe in the shop. The woodstove is burning in the kitchen and Saturday night beans are baking in the oven. The eaves are beginning to drip in the warm sunshine. And next week, while I’m busy in my studio, the FedEx man will deliver my shopping to me. Life is good and I am truly thankful.

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