Sunday, September 27, 2015

Almost October

Last night there was a heavy frost in the valley but not up here on the hill. Still it’s time to prepare for winter. Today I cleaned out the kitchen wood-stove and my husband went up on the roof to brush out the chimney. It’s a dirty, messy job that will be repeated a few times throughout the coming winter and spring. But we love wood heat and the comforting sounds of a crackling fire and simmering tea kettle. My husband has filled the woodshed and soon will be cutting trees for next year.

The vegetable garden is down to beets, squash, the last of the tomatoes and a few green beans. Frankly I’ll be glad to see the end of the green beans. My canning is finished, the pantry is full and the pressure canner is back in the closet until next year.

View from our garden.

Now I have to decide which houseplants come in and which ones I can live without.  

My Meyer's lemon tree will go in my husband's den for the winter. This summer it produced one lemon that my daughter-in-law made into lemon squares for us all to enjoy. This fall the tree has four lemons and we will be watching them grow all winter.

Meyer's lemon tree
New lemons this summer
Last summer's single lemon

I have always had an orange tree. My first one lived for about 20 years and the boys remember that it was their job to carry the tree outside in the spring and bring it back inside for the winter. Every year the tree was bigger and heavier - but then every year the boys were bigger and stronger. It is still a pleasant family memory that brings groans and laughter. After the tree died, they thought that was the end of it, but I bought another one in Florida and the tradition continues....

My orange tree

The days are sunny and cool, the leaves are just beginning to change. With the summer work done, we hope to spend time at camp this fall. There hasn't been much time for painting but I hope to remedy that soon. I’ll be packing my painting gear and my husband is looking forward to bird hunting. And Ginger is always looking for a new adventure.


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