Friday, June 12, 2015

June 2015 Newsletter

New Website

My new website is up and running. Many thanks to my daughter-in-law, Angel Farris, of MaineWeb Creations, for the many hours of work and her patience in teaching me how to navigate this new software. I created my original website many years ago with FrontPage, which is now obsolete. I needed to build a new website for myself and the gallery with a new software and we chose WordPress.

Unless you have created a website from scratch, you will never believe the number of hours spent and the vast assortment of new technology now available. I enjoyed the challenge of working with a new software and I sincerely thank Angel for teaching me how to utilize the new technology. I will continue to maintain and update my websites with the secure knowledge that Angel is here to help me when I get lost.

My New Ebay Store

After successfully listing some of my paintings on Ebay for a number of years, I decided to make a change and open an Ebay Store. As I photographed and inventoried my available work, I realized an Ebay Store would simplify my life and allow me to organize my paintings into categories and standardize my prices.

Using Ebay’s “Fixed Price with Best Offer” format, I again have the opportunity to interact with my customers, negotiate prices and offer options. This is reminiscent of my former art gallery in Belfast, Maine, where I could deal directly with my customers. I enjoy this personal approach and have met so many pleasant and interesting people over the years.

Ebay gives me world-wide exposure and an efficient selling format while giving my customers a safe and secure method for purchasing my work on-line.


May was a very busy month with way too many hours spent on the computer. I am glad to be back in my studio again. This month our Virtual Paint Out Group is going to Estonia. It’s fun to explore each month’s destination using Google Maps Street Views. We certainly live in an interesting and beautiful world. I will post my paintings on my Blog and in my Ebay Store.


I invite you to subscribe to my Blog. It is a two step procedure. First you enter your email address in the subscription box and hit submit. Soon you will receive an email from FeedBurner asking you to send back their code message. This will confirm your subscription request. I had a friend ask why she never received my Blog posts and the answer was that she hadn’t completed her verification step through FeedBurner. If you need assistance, please email me.

My Newsletters will be infrequent. My Blog will continue on a regular basis, featuring my latest works, comments, thoughts and answers to questions received. It’s a great way to stay in touch. I look forward to hearing from you.

Here are some links that I hope you will enjoy.  My new website

Thank you for visiting.


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