Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Estonia - a bit of history.

I enjoyed visiting this area and reading its history because all four of my grandparents immigrated to this country from neighboring Poland and Lithuania.

On the left, The Herman Castle in Estonia, the first known stone castle ever constructed, was built by the Danes in the 13th century. Across the Narva River stands the Russian Fortress, Ivangorod, built by Ivan III in 1492, (the same year that Columbus was sailing to the New World).

Herman Castle, Estonia & Russian Fortress, Ivangorod, 8x16, oil

Estonia has a very long and complex history, with centuries of wars, battles and foreign occupations that repeatedly changed the borders and ruling factions. Artifacts have been found dating back to 10,000 BC. Google Street Maps now show a country filled with farms and rolling grasslands, dotted with modern towns and cities, old stone buildings and magnificent churches. Bordered by water on three sides, harbors are abundant. Estonia became an independent country in 1991.

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