Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Sangu River, Bangladesh - A Virtual Paint Out

Sangu River, Bandarban, Bangladesh, 8x10, oil

While roaming through Facebook the other day, I found a very interesting art group. Artist, Bill Guffey, has organized a Virtual Paint-Out. Very month this group of artists travel, via their computer, to a designated location. Using Google Maps Street Views only, they explore the area and each artist finds a spot to paint. The idea is to “walk around” the streets using Google Street Views as if you were actually there with the painting group looking for that ideal spot to set up your gear and paint. You then post your finished painting to his blog with a link to your reference. For more information check out, In the past six years the group has painted all over the world. January’s destination was Philadelphia, PA.

February’s location is Bangladesh. I found that Google Maps Street Views are limited for this region, but it was interesting to explore the country. All artists are invited to join. I think it will be great fun and I am looking forward to mixing geography with my art. Thank you, Bill Guffey.

I wonder where we will be traveling to next month?

This painting is available on my Ebay page.

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  1. Welcome to the Virtual Paintout gang! I am SO enjoying your paintings from Bangladesh. It broke my heart to read about and see the poverty, yet I also found hidden beauty and the colorful clothing the women wear.

    Your paintings were a delight! They give it such an old world, timeless feel to the image. I wanted to know more about the Girl In Red (sorry, I've even named it I like it so well).

    I joined VP about 2 years ago, and look forward to the first of each month like a kid at Christmas. :-) Hope you enjoy it also.

  2. Thank you, Retta. And I love the name, "Girl in Red". I will be posting the picture on my Blog and on Ebay. I am pleased to be a participant in the Virtual Paintout, I think it will be great fun. Visiting Bangladesh was fascinating. So much beauty but so much poverty. Are you a participating artist? I'll have to find your painting. Thanks again.

    1. I haven't finished mine for this month... was finishing up a semester of Sketchbook Skool. It's been quite a departure from my usual way of painting/drawing. But that was the point, to shake things up and play with new ideas.

      Now that it's over I'm excited to do my Bangladesh paintings. At the top of my blog are links to my Virtual Paintout images, by year. It's been a great thing to participate in, and I hope he keeps going forever. :-D


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