Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Playing Hooky Again.

After another busy week, we decided to run away for the day. Yesterday was a beautiful fall day and this time we headed north. The Maine coast is beautiful, but there is something very special about the north woods. The towns grow smaller until there is just a general store and maybe a post office. The people are hardy as the winters are long and the economy is rough. Houses are weather-beaten and stacks of firewood grow in anticipation of winter's cold. Hard working, no nonsense trucks are seen everywhere. The influence of the summer people and their shiny toys is missing here.

Heading north.

Quiet streets.

 End of the paved road.

We have a camp by a small lake just a few miles south of Moosehead Lake. We have owned the camp for over 30 years and the memories are very special. We didn't have electricity or running water until a few years ago when our son remodeled the camp. Our boys remember quiet evenings with just the sounds of the loons on the lake, the hissing of the gas lights and the crackling of the fire in the woodstove. I'm glad that the gas lights and woodstove are still there and when my husband and I go up, off go the electric lights.

Road into camp.

Our camp. 

View from our porch,

There is something about the solitude and vastness of this area that fills my soul with peace.

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  1. Absolutely beautiful !

    1. Yes, it is a very special place. Thanks for your comment.


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