Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Sunday at Saturday Cove, Maine

Last Sunday afternoon my student and I painted at Saturday Cove, a secluded beach just south of Belfast, adjacent to the charming Victorian village of Bayside, Maine.  It was a hot day and the sea breezes were a welcome relief from the heat. 

It was a beautiful day. The tide was going out and the only sounds were the children's laughter and the occasional scolding seagull.  I thought, "How wonderful to see these children running freely, laughing and calling out to each other to come and look at that special rock that looks like a giant shark's tooth or to see that odd creature living in the seaweed.  And, oh, the excitement of finding a piece of seaglass!  If only all children could be so happy and feel so free and safe."

I decided to capture that intimate scene of the children playing.

My student hard at work.

Sunday at Saturday Cove, 9x12, oil.  Plein Air SOLD

This painting has a new home in New Jersey.

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