Thursday, June 5, 2014


I didn't have much time to blog in May. It was an eventful month. We lost two of our dear friends and they will be sadly missed.

And spring means lots of yardwork, cleaning up the debris of winter, working in the gardens and trying to stay ahead of the weeds. Our dog was spayed and that required keeping her on a leash for 10 days and going for long walks. No running through the fields and climbing over stone walls chasing chipmunks and squirrels. She patiently put up with the leash and now is free to run and play again.

There wasn't much time to paint outside so I have been working in my studio, experimenting with limited palettes and color harmony. I have worked with several combinations of the three primaries, with and without an earth color. Even though all the colors can be mixed from these primaries (and they will vary slightly depending on the primaries chosen), I found that the mixing time broke the rhythm of my painting.

After much experimentation, I am now working with the six basic colors of the color wheel in their brightest, cleanest hue. I may add an earth color or two, but only if necessary.

Below are two paintings that were done with my earlier primary palettes. As I continue to work with my new six color palette, I will share the results with you.

Summer Hay 8x10, oil.
Available on my Ebay page.  Click here to view.

Your Breakfast is Ready 9x12, oil.
Available on my Ebay page.  Click here to view.

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