Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Texas Landscapes, 12x16, oil

After the Rain, 12x16, oil

A good friend and fellow artist who now lives in Texas asked me to paint a few Texas landscapes for a gallery in McKinney, Texas.  Since I have never been there, I went online and searched images to acquaint myself with the landscape features.  My friend also sent me pictures of the area.

I know from visiting other states that as the landscape and vegetation changes, so does the color of the light.  For many years we spent the month of March in Florida and I learned to bring a different set of oil colors with me.  The colors that I used for my Maine landscapes didn't work for the tropical colors of Florida.  I found this to be true for Texas, too.   Luckily my friend is an artist and could describe the colors needed.

These are two of the paintings that I sent to him.  His work and mine can be seen at Art on the Veranda, McKinney, Texas.

Bluebonnets, 12x16, oil

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