Thursday, February 20, 2014

Spring for a day. I'll take it!

After too many snowy, gray days, today is beautiful - 40 degrees and lots of warm sunshine.  Of course, more snow or even rain is on the way again, but today, we'll enjoy the promise of spring and I hope to paint outside this afternoon.

My husband snow-blowing the driveway on Valentine's Day.

Cleaning up around the dooryard.

Our son plowing this morning after last night's snowstorm.
Today's warmth and sunshine.
Warm enough to walk outside without a jacket.  Wonderful!

Ginger loves to play in the snow.

I haven't been able to post very often.  Ginger keeps me busy and since my computer is upstairs, I can only work while she is napping. She tired herself out this morning playing in the snow and is down for a nap.  She is a sweet little girl and we love her. We still miss our Sophie and a special place in our hearts will always be hers.  But Ginger is a joy - and just woke up - will write more later.

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