Friday, February 14, 2014

Patience, 16x12, oil. Hospital Benefit Series

Patience, 16x12, oil.  $600

Available at Waldo County General Hospital,
Radiology Department, Belfast, Maine.

I have a few paintings for sale in the Radiology Department at our local hospital in Belfast, Maine. 50% of all sale proceeds will be donated to the Mammography Patient Assistance Fund.

When I graduated high school, about 50 years ago, I was accepted into the Radiology Course at Manchester Memorial Hospital in Manchester, Connecticut. Mammography was in its experimental phase and I remember the first time, and the first patient, to receive this new procedure at MMH. After the Radiologist examined the patient, he worked with the technician in the placement and exposure requirements. I was a student at the time, and was in the room to observe and handle the film cassettes.

There was no compression and using soft tissue cassettes with special film required long exposure times. This special film was then hand-developed with the head technician and the Radiologist working together in the darkroom to assure that the exposure density was correct. Retaking the x-rays would subject the patient to extra radiation. I remember the patient, a middle aged woman, frightened and silently crying. I could tell by the look on the Radiologist's face that the news wasn't good.

What a difference today. The equipment is the best, the technique so improved, the exposure is minimal and very safe and accurate. No film, just high resolution digital. I marvel at all the new technology in our Radiology Department. My daughter-in-law is an X-Ray Technician at Waldo County General Hospital and her training was extensive, requiring a college degree and ongoing certifications.

My mother was a nurse and I remember the white shoes and stockings, the starched white uniforms and caps she wore with pride. So it was a natural thing for me to look toward health care as a profession. I worked in the health care field for over 35 years, first in X-Ray for about 10 years and then as an administrator in a long term care facility for disabled veterans that we owned in Warren, Maine. This donation is my way of continuing to support the medical community and to give thanks for the wonderful health care available to us all.

This painting can be seen and purchased directly from the Radiology Department at Waldo County General Hospital in Belfast, Maine, or you can contact me and I will arrange pick-up and shipping. Either way, 50% of all sale proceeds will go to the Mammography Patient Assistance Fund.

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