Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Blue Bird, 9x12, oil

I finally finished my class painting yesterday and thought I would share my steps with you. In this class, my student and I are studying the effects of light on transparent and colored glass. We are also using glazes to enrich the colors and dry brushing for texture. Since we are only working together on Tuesdays, this has been a long project.

The set up.

My tonal underpainting.

Beginning to lay in the colors.

Almost done.

I noticed that the marbles and thread were competing with my focal point, the little glass bird, so I toned them down with glazes.

The Blue Bird, 9x12, oil.

This painting is a little tighter than my usual style. This often happens when I paint and teach at the same time. Serious painting requires total concentration and talking is a distraction. That's one reason why classroom paintings may not be successful. But that's okay, you are there to learn. Then you can go home to the quiet of your own studio and apply what you have learned in class.

And that is another point. You must find a time to paint in your studio without distractions - and that can be difficult - but it is very important.
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