Friday, August 26, 2016

Norway - August's Virtual Paint Out

Norway is a Scandinavian country in northern Europe, bordered by Sweden, Finland, Russia, Denmark, the North Sea and North Atlantic Ocean. It is slightly larger than Montana with a population of approx. 5,214,000.

Its wide latitudinal range from temperate south to arctic north and its diverse landscape give Norway some of the most visually impressive scenery in the world. It has one of the longest and most rugged coastlines in the world.
Because of its substantial quantity of natural resources, Norway has one of the highest standards of living in the world. Today, Norway ranks as the second wealthiest country in the world in monetary value, with the largest capital reserve per capita of any nation.

The Land of the Midnight Sun
Because of Norway’s wide latitudinal range, there are large seasonal variations in the amount of received daylight. From late May to late July, the sun never completely sets in regions north of the Arctic Circle while the remainder of the country experiences up to 20 hours of daylight per day. Conversely, from late November to late January, the country receives only a few daylight hours as the sun never rises above the horizon in the arctic north.

Norway Spring, 9x12, oil

Norway Winter, 9x12, oil

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