Saturday, May 7, 2016

Little Bird's Surprise

I love canaries and there's always been one in my home. They are charming but delicate little birds and when they get sick, the outlook isn't always good. Last spring I bought a new young bird and after a few months I noticed that he was sick with air sac mites. I went on-line and found an expert to help. I treated him and after quite awhile he improved and finally was completely healed. But he never sang. My on-line adviser said that if his air sacs were damaged it might take some time before he could sing.

He's a great little bird, happy and friendly. I have a small radio next to his cage and he listens to classical music all day. I have even played cd's of canary singing to encourage him. He would listen intently, chirp and dance about.

Yesterday he seemed uncomfortable and sat around looking miserable. Oh no, I thought. He's getting sick again. That evening when I covered his cage for the night I wondered if he would still be alive in the morning.

This morning when I uncovered him, I found him alert and cheerful. And what a surprise on the bottom of his cage.  He....she.... had laid an egg - just in time for Mother's Day. 

And since only male canaries sing I will have to be content with this sweet little girl who just chirps. She is much happier today. It'll be interesting to see how many eggs she lays. They are quite large for such a little bird. No wonder she was so miserable yesterday. Happy Mother's Day, little bird.

Happy Mother's Day to all the ladies in your world,


  1. Aww, what a sweet story. Do the eggs hatch?? Will you have feathered grandbabies?

  2. Hi Retta,
    No, the eggs won't hatch. There wasn't a daddy bird. She laid a second egg a few days later. Hope that's the last one. She is a cute little bird. I think the females are more friendly than the males. She will almost eat from my hand.


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