Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Belted Galloways

The Belted Galloways at The Aldermere Farm in Rockport, Maine, is my second painting for this month's Virtual Paint Out trip along mid coast Maine.

A view of The Aldermere Farm with Lily Pond in the background.

Belted Galloways, 9x12, oil SOLD

A bit of history -
The Belted Galloway is a breed of heritage beef cattle originating from Galloway, in SW Scotland. The exact origin of the breed is unclear although it is thought that the white belt distinguishes these cattle from the native black Galloway cattle. Belted Galloways were imported to North America beginning in the 1940s and the Belted Galloway Society in the United States was founded in 1951. The breed is slowly increasing in numbers in North America and globally.

Belted Galloways are primarily raised for their quality beef and are known for their gentle temperament and striking appearance. In the United States, Belted Galloways are often nicknamed Oreo Cookie Cows because their color pattern is reminiscent of an Oreo cookie.

The Aldermere Farm, located just south of Camden, in Rockport, Maine, was established in 1953 by Albert Chatfield Jr. who later bequeathed it to the Maine Coast Heritage Trust in 1999. The Aldermere Farm preserves the oldest continuously operated herd of Belted Galloways in the United States.

The farm is a member of The Belted Galloway Society which is committed to promoting this special breed of cattle and preserving the purity of the breed by maintaining pedigree records and data, also providing official information relative to the breed and the society’s guidelines.

One of the problems with Google Street Maps is that the areas covered usually are the main roads and cities. There is limited coverage of the small towns, rural roads and secluded areas that I love to paint. I was pleased that the road to this farm was included. 

The Virtual Paint Out is great fun and I enjoy riding the roads and exploring new locations without getting in my car. Tomorrow starts a new adventure. I wonder where Bill Guffy will send us!

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